Configuring iSCSI and management networks on a Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 storage array

Quick instructions on setting up an EqualLogic PS-M4110 storage array.
In this case it’s a blade model located in a Dell M1000e chassis, slot 7 and 8.
Fabric B is the iSCSI fabric and fabric A is for management
We start by configuring fabric B, then A

Since there is no IP configured, we connect via serial.
Luckily the M1000e provides serial connectivity via the CMC as per the below:

SSH to CMC IP address:

Using username "root".

Welcome to the CMC firmware version 4.50.A00.201311120922


Switch to the EQL serial interface (connect to the slot ID)

$ connect server-7
Telnet escape character is '^\'.
Connected to server-7.
Escape character is '^\'.

PS Series Storage Arrays
Unauthorized Access Prohibited

Log in (default user/pass: grpadmin/grpadmin)

login: grpadmin

Welcome to Group Manager

Copyright 2001-2012 Dell Inc.

2724:5:unknown (0-000000-000000000-0000000000000000):netmgtd:28-Apr-2014 01:52:53.590006:rcc_util.c:1029:INFO:25.2.9:CLI: Login to account grpadmin succeeded, using local authentication. User privilege is group-admin.
It appears that the storage array has not been configured.
Would you like to configure the array now ? (y/n) [n]y

Group Manager Setup Utility

The setup utility establishes the initial network and storage
configuration for a storage array and then configures the array
as a member of a new or existing group of arrays.

For help, enter a question mark (?) at a prompt.

Do you want to proceed (yes | no ) [no]: yes

Initializing. This may take several minutes to complete..

Enter the network configuration for the array.

Member name []: DSC-ARRAY-02
Network interface [eth0]:
IP address for network interface []:
Netmask []:
Default gateway []:

Initializing interface eth0. This may take a minute…..

Enter the IP address and name of the group that the array will join.

Note: If creating a new group, just enter the desired group name and IP

Group name []: DSC-SHARED-SAN
Group IP address []:

Searching to see if the group exists. This may take a few minutes.

The group does not exist or currently cannot be reached. Make sure
you have entered the correct group IP address and group name.

Do you want to create a new group (yes | no) [yes]:

Group Configuration

Group IP address:

Do you want to use the group settings shown above (yes | no) [yes]:
Password for managing group membership:
Retype password for verification:

Password for the default group administration(grpadmin) account:
Retype password for verification:

Saving the configuration…

Waiting for configuration to become active……Done

Group DSC-SHARED-SAN has been created with one member.
Use the Group Manager GUI or CLI to set the RAID policy
for the member. You can then create a volume which
a host can connect to using an iSCSI initiator.

To access the Group Manager GUI, specify http://group_ip_address in
a Web browser window. To access the CLI, use telnet or SSH to
connect to the group IP address from a remote terminal, or attach a
console terminal directly to a serial port on a group member’s
active control module. Log in to the default group administration
account (grpadmin) using the password you specified when creating
this group. See the Group Administration manual for more


Setting up the management network:

DSC-SHARED-SAN> show member
Name Status Version Disks Capacity FreeSpace Connections
———- ——- ———- —– ———- ———- ———–
DSC-ARRAY- online V6.0.0 (R2 14 8.72TB 8.72TB 0
02 59485)
DSC-SHARED-SAN> member select DSC-ARRAY-02 eth select 1 mgmt-only enable
Make sure the IP address is on the management subnet.
DSC-SHARED-SAN> member select DSC-ARRAY-02 eth select 1 ipaddress netmask
DSC-SHARED-SAN> member select DSC-ARRAY-02 eth select 1 up
This port is for group management only. Make sure it is connected to a dedicated
management network.
Do you want to enable the management interface? (y/n) [n]y


The array can now be accessed via the web: