The keystone CLI is deprecated in favor of python-openstackclient.

UPDATE: It turns out that installing the new client can cause issues with Keystone. I found this out the hard way yesterday when it failed during a demo, preventing authentication from the command line. After a few hours troubleshooting it turns out Apache (httpd.service) and Keystone (openstack-keystone.service) were clashing. I was unable to fix this regardless of updating each of these services config files to separate them out. Finally guessed it might be the last package I installed that was the cause. After removing python-openstackclient and rebooting the controller node the issue was fixed.

Original post
In OpenStack Kilo the Depreciation message for the Keystone CLI will be displayed whenever using invoking the keystone command. “DeprecationWarning: The keystone CLI is deprecated in favor of python-openstackclient. For a Python library, continue using python-keystoneclient.

To move to the new python-openstackclient, simply install it. On RHEL7.1:
yum install -y python-openstackclient.noarch

After that it will be available as the command “openstack”. It can be invoked in interactive mode just by typing “openstack” or directly from the command line to get information. For example, to list users:
Old Keystone CLI: “keystone user-list
New Openstack CLI: “openstack user list

To be more similar to the output of the old command issue “openstack user list --long” to get the extra fields.

You may also want to update the script “openstack-status” so it uses the new client. To do so, please:
1. Edit /usr/bin/openstack-status with your favorite editor
2. Replace the old command with the new one (around line 227) like so:

#keystone user-list
openstack user list --long

The new CLI can do a lot more of course. For a full list of commands please refer to the below (executed with “openstack” + command):

aggregate add host      ip fixed remove               server rescue
aggregate create        ip floating add               server resize
aggregate delete        ip floating create            server resume
aggregate list          ip floating delete            server set
aggregate remove host   ip floating list              server show
aggregate set           ip floating pool list         server ssh
aggregate show          ip floating remove            server suspend
availability zone list  keypair create                server unlock
backup create           keypair delete                server unpause
backup delete           keypair list                  server unrescue
backup list             keypair show                  server unset
backup restore          limits show                   service create
backup show             module list                   service delete
catalog list            network create                service list
catalog show            network delete                service show
command list            network list                  snapshot create
complete                network set                   snapshot delete
compute agent create    network show                  snapshot list
compute agent delete    object create                 snapshot set
compute agent list      object delete                 snapshot show
compute agent set       object list                   snapshot unset
compute service list    object save                   token issue
compute service set     object show                   token revoke
console log show        project create                usage list
console url show        project delete                usage show
container create        project list                  user create
container delete        project set                   user delete
container list          project show                  user list
container save          project usage list            user role list
container show          quota set                     user set
ec2 credentials create  quota show                    user show
ec2 credentials delete  role add                      volume create
ec2 credentials list    role create                   volume delete
ec2 credentials show    role delete                   volume list
endpoint create         role list                     volume set
endpoint delete         role remove                   volume show
endpoint list           role show                     volume type create
endpoint show           security group create         volume type delete
extension list          security group delete         volume type list
flavor create           security group list           volume type set
flavor delete           security group rule create    volume type unset
flavor list             security group rule delete    volume unset
flavor set              security group rule list
flavor show             security group set
flavor unset            security group show
help                    server add security group
host list               server add volume
host show               server create
hypervisor list         server delete
hypervisor show         server image create
hypervisor stats show   server list
image create            server lock
image delete            server migrate
image list              server pause
image save              server reboot
image set               server rebuild
image show              server remove security group
ip fixed add            server remove volume

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