VMware default user names / logins and passwords

Consistency in user names and passwords would be nice, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. While setting up VMware’s vCenter, vCOPS and vShield recently I came across a few default logins / passwords worth jotting down for reference:

VMware vCenter Operations Manager: UI VM console login

Admin account: admin

Password: admin

root account: root

Password: vmware

VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Web GUI login

User: admin

Password: admin


VMware vCenter appliance login (same for both local console and Web GUI):

User: root

Password: vmware


vCenter appliance URL for initial access and configuration

https://[vCenter IP]:5480


vCenter appliance URL for normal web access (the web client: alternative to using the vSphere client)

https://[vCenter IP]:9443


vShield Manager console:

User: admin

Password: default