Intel Movidius 2: Neural Compute stick for machine learning

Intel Movidius Neural Compute stick 2 – Machine Learning and Deep Learning inferencing in USB format(!)

Machine learning is now available on a stick! Well, not a normal stick from the forest but a USB stick. Currently testing the Intel Movidius 2 USB stick with our IoT edge devices. This thing is amazing! Now it’s possible to run neural networks with Tensorflow and Caffe without needing a GPU in the IoT device itself.

Why is this awesome? Because it removes the need for an expensive back haul from cameras and other edge devices to the core DC / Cloud. Instead of sending raw video across the network, just send the meta data resulting from analyzing the data on the IoT device itself.

This fits nicely in the Edge Computing arena and will be a great enhancement to essentially any edge device with a USB port. The intelligent edge is here!