Deploy OVF directly from local datastore / SAN

When deploying OFV files vCenter allows for either browsing files locally on the client or specifying a URL. The latter can be handy when one wants to deploy an OVF file stored somewhere on the VMware clusters datastores.

1. Navigate to the any ESXi box in the cluster which has the datastore containing the OVF mounted and select “browse datastore”


2. Navigate to the datastore and folder containing the OVF file


3. Copy the URL from the browser address bar into a text editor. Also copy and paste the filename of the OVF you want to deploy and insert it in the folder path

Original URL:

Changes to:

4. Copy and paste the  new URL into the path box in vCenter when deploying the OVF


You may need to enter the credentials for the ESXi server used to provide the file

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  1. You could also simplify the process and right click the file itself and copy the link. Saves you a few steps and allows you to directly paste a useable link (as long as there’s no DNS or other routing issues).

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