Power control and capping on Dell servers using RACADM

Usage: SSH -> racadm ->
Get current value: getconfig -g <group> -o <object>
Set a value: config -g <group> -o <object> <new_value>
Do “help” to get list of groups.
Do “help <groupname>” to get objects for a particular group.

Get current draw:
racadm getconfig -g cfgServerPower -o cfgServerActualPowerConsumption
108 W | 369 Btu/hr

Enable power capping:
racadm config -g cfgServerPower -o cfgServerPowerCapEnable 1
Object value modified successfully

Set cap:
racadm config -g cfgServerPower -o cfgServerPowerCapWatts 400
Object value modified successfully

racadm getconfig -g cfgServerPower -o cfgServerPowerCapWatts
400 W

Get total kVh:
racadm getconfig -g cfgServerPower -o cfgServerCumulativePowerConsumption
292.370 KWh | 997859 Btu

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