Enabling SNMP on a Dell MXL blade switch (running FTOS)

It’s very easy to enable SNMP 1.0 / 2.0 management of the Dell MXL blade network switches. All it takes is one command really (“snmp-server community public ro”).

SSH to the network switch (MXL):
jonas@nyx:~$ ssh root@
root@’s password:

Verify that there is no current SNMP configuration present:
TOKSCA4A2-MXL#show running-config snmp

Enter config mode and enable your community name – in this case “public” and specify if it’s Read-Only or Read-Write. In this case we use read only (ro):
TOKSCA4A2-MXL(conf)#snmp-server community public ro

Verify that it worked:
TOKSCA4A2-MXL#show running-config snmp
snmp-server community public ro

All done! Add the switch to your SNMP manager (OME for example).


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