Re-written Python code for snake environment control system

As part of revising the entire environmental control system for the ball python “Mr. Snuggles” I’ve re-done the code for getting sensor telemetry and control of relays for heat mats and the heat lamp from scratch.

Last weekend I finished the updated wiring diagram and soldering. This weekend was the coding update, which will still require some work until it’s done. However, the main modules for DS18b20 sensor telemetry, DHT22 humidity and temperature as well as the actual relay control are done. These files can now be accessed from GitHub as per the below

Next step is to integrate Grafana with buttons for controlling the temperature. This previously required re-building the docker images and was rather inconvenient. Soon it will be as simple as tapping a touch panel. That part will require creating an API which Grafana can interact with and will likely be done next weekend if time allows.