EdgeX Foundry hands-on tutorial

After having received several inquiries from people about how to get started with EdgeX Foundry I’ve decided to write a hands-on tutorial. Hopefully this will make it easier for newcomers to setup a system, configure data ingestion, data export & many other things.

Incidentally, getting started with EdgeX Foundry is also an excellent way to learn how to practically leverage new concepts and technologies in IT. In addition to learning about open source IoT solutions, the guide also covers topics like:

  • Docker
  • Building, running and monitoring containers
  • Grouping containers with docker-compose
  • Microservices
  • MQTT
  • Python scripting
  • Tools like Postman, cURL, etc.

The guide started as a blog post but ended up being way too long. Now it’s in PDF format and clocks in at 48 pages. Hopefully not too long for those looking to get started 🙂


EdgeX Foundry demo

Short demo of EdgeX Foundry using two Raspberry Pi’s. One to generate and send sensor data to EdgeX and another to play the role of an edge device which can receive commands from EdgeX depending on sensor values.

Note: This demo uses the Delhi release since I still haven’t updated the device profile for the “smartVent” Raspberry Pi to work with Edinburgh. I’ll post something cooler once that is working too.