Tutorial for deploying and configuring VMware HCX in both on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS with service mesh creation and L2 extension

Deploying HCX (VMware Hybrid Cloud Extensions) is considered to be complex and difficult by most. It doesn’t help that it’s usually one of those things you’d only do once so it doesn’t pay to spend a lot of effort to learn. However, as with everything it’s not hard once you know how to do it. This video aims to show how to deploy HCX both in VMC (VMware Cloud on AWS) and in the on-premises DC or lab.

It uses both the method of creating the service mesh over the internet as well as how to create it over a private connection, like DX (AWS Direct Connect) or a VPN.

A VPN cannot be used for L2 Extension if it is terminated on the VMC SDDC. In this tutorial I’ll use a VPN which is terminated on an AWS TGW which is in turn peered with a VTGW connected to the SDDC we’re attaching to.

Video chapters

  1. Switching vCenter to private IP and deploying HCX Cloud in VMC: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=43
  2. Initial SDDC firewall configuration: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=97
  3. Switching HCX to private IP and adding HCX firewall rules: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=405
  4. Downloading and deploying HCX for the on-prem DC side: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=585
  5. Adding HCX license, linking on-prem HCX with vCenter: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=740
  6. HCX site pairing between HCX Connector and HCX Cloud: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=959
  7. Creating HCX Network and Compute profiles: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=1011
  8. Choice: Deploy service mesh over public IP or private IP: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=1374
  9. Deploy service mesh over public IP: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=1399
  10. Live migrating a VM to AWS: https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=1679
  11. Deploy service mesh over private IP (DX, VPN to TGW): https://youtu.be/ho2DY-TP-SA?t=1789

Some architecture diagrams for reference

Connecting all over the public internet is one method
The best performance may be had over a dedicated DX Private VIF to the SDDC
Separating the management traffic over a VPN while doing the L2 Extension over the internet is a bit of a hybrid
For the setup used in the tutorial I use a VPN to a TGW which is peered with a VTGW

EdgeX Foundry hands-on tutorial

After having received several inquiries from people about how to get started with EdgeX Foundry I’ve decided to write a hands-on tutorial. Hopefully this will make it easier for newcomers to setup a system, configure data ingestion, data export & many other things.

Incidentally, getting started with EdgeX Foundry is also an excellent way to learn how to practically leverage new concepts and technologies in IT. In addition to learning about open source IoT solutions, the guide also covers topics like:

  • Docker
  • Building, running and monitoring containers
  • Grouping containers with docker-compose
  • Microservices
  • MQTT
  • Python scripting
  • Tools like Postman, cURL, etc.

The guide started as a blog post but ended up being way too long. Now it’s in PDF format and clocks in at 48 pages. Hopefully not too long for those looking to get started 🙂